Learn to Paint Your Pet and other Fun Designs!

Welcome to Painting With Furkids Art

With online lessons and step by step tutorials

Paint Your Pet In a Pop Art Style

Lynda shows you how to paint your pet in Online Events!

Paint your Furkid in the comfort of your home! Our simple steps are explained and demonstrated in individual How To videos. Then join Lynda on a Facebook Live to learn bright colors to paint one of a kind painting you do of your Pet! Great for beginners and challenging for experienced artists!

Fluoresence Pop Art Colors

Glowing unique results!

The easy glowing painting of your pet!

Bright Pop Art Colors

Easy Steps!

A great Pop art style of bright opaque acrylic paint

Day Of The Dead Style

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos!

Paint your fur baby in this new style coming later this year!

Paint with Friends

Get Together at Home!

Write something about this member of your team to introduce them to your visitors.

Step by Step


Explain and shown

Choose a Photo

Your Pet Photo

What is best?

Transfer the Photo to canvas

You can do it!

Lynda shows you the way!


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